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Adventure Travel West, Inc. offers exciting tours guided by locally trained, expert tour directors.  Tours are conducted for a local and international clientele.  Tours are conducted in English, while some feature German, French, Spanish or Italian languages added. Tour group sizes are as small as 6 and max out at only 14 Passengers.  

Hiking Tours

Explore the National Parks and remote wilderness areas on foot.  Stay in local hotels and lodges, or camp.  We offer 4 levels of walking:  

Level 1 - little physical fitness required 

Level 2 - 1-3 hours of easy, optional walking 

Level 3 - 2-6 hours of walking most days 

Level 4 - strenuous walking in remote areas 


Off-Roading Tours

Drive through the back roads of the Wild West, visiting the famous and remote National Parks on amazing dirt roads inaccessible to tourists.  See the parks without crowds.  Extraordinary experiences include a night camping at the edge of the Grand Canyon, spending the night at a Navajo Farm, hiking with cowboys in Yellowstone, exploring slot canyons and driving the famous Shafer Trail. 


Active Sightseeing Tours

Explore the cities and National Parks with our expertly trained guides.  Experience the parks, wilderness areas and cities from an insider's view. Our expertly trained guides will showcase all the secret spots as well as do all the driving, interpretation and organization for a seamless vacation experience.   


Wildlife Safaris

Explore the famous National Parks during peak wildlife events, such as Yellowstone's bison rut, the elk rut, or the megafauna's baby boom in spring. Walk with wolves in Yellowstone and observe bears up close. Bird watching is also offered. 

Family Tours

These tours are designed for families and their children.  They offer a multitude of adventures and activities geared towards families. 

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Winter Tours

Explore the famous National Parks in the winter with snow shoes!  The parks are steeped in blissful solitude in the colder months. See Yellowstone's geysers explode into the wintry air.  Hike remote trails in the desert during the quiet winter months.   



From national parks, to famous cities, wilderness areas, and hidden secrets, we design trips that sell.  We are one of the few tour operators holding permits with all of the West’s National Parks, State Parks, and federal lands.  Our tours visit famous, must-see National Parks along with remote destinations few tourists get to explore.

National Parks

We know all the best trails in the parks, taking our groups to the most amazing sights at the best time of day.  You will experience the parks far away from the crowds with memorable photos to create memories that last a life time.   


Native American Lands

Monument Valley, the Hopi Mesas, the Pueblos of Santa Fe are just a few of the memorable experiences to be had meeting Native Peoples.  Some of our tours include immersions at Canyon de Chelly with local Navajo guides.  Explore the cultural highlights of the Pueblos of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

Beaches and Volcanoes

Our Hawaiian tours focus on exploring the islands on foot.  See the famous National Parks on hidden trails.  Swim in waterfalls. Walk to white, red, green and black sand beaches and snorkel with turtles, dolphins and manta rays.  Scramble through lava tubes and volcanic craters and be in awe at the sight of the ancient Hawaiian temples.  Maybe come on a hike to erupting lava? 


Great American Cities

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver and Seattle are featured on our tours.  City tours on foot, cable car and subway are always included in our tour packages.   




Our tours stay in centrally located hotels, motels and lodges.  Each tour itinerary describes in detail the accommodations used.  Our tours also include breakfasts and self-made picnic lunches.  Picnic lunches allow us to spend all day in the parks on the trails and in nature without having to find overcrowded restaurants.  


We use a number of unique resorts and lodges. Many tours feature authentic accommodations.  



In big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco or Las Vegas, our hotels are centrally located, allowing clients the freedom to explore the cities on foot, as well as on bus or by cable car or subway. Cheaper options are available when the budget demands it.


Motels are chosen for their location, price, attractiveness, and cleanliness. Typically, our hotels are centrally located near park entrances.  



We work with a number of guest ranches to offer unique experiences. The facilities offer romantic cabins and hearty meals for a memorable Western experience. Many offer horseback riding, hiking, and fishing, as well as a broad range of other recreational activities.


On many of our small group tours, camping is a fun way to create memorable trips. We offer complete sets of tents, sleeping pads, and cooking facilities.  Campsites range from commercial campgrounds with swimming pools and bath/shower facilities to back-country sites inside the national parks.



There are countless things to do in the West, whether in the national parks, or the cities.  We design tours to maximize your time spent on vacation - from conventional sightseeing to extreme adventures. Years of experience and a dedicated staff of outdoor enthusiasts give us detailed insider knowledge that allows us to design itineraries that rock, and will set your experience apart. 

Family Trips

The U.S. Southwest is perfect for family adventures.  We design trips that include activities geared toward fun for the entire family.  Accommodations are planned at guest ranches, in National Park lodges, hotels, Adventure Camps, or campgrounds, even overnights in a teepee with Native Americans!  Activities are age-appropriate, and can include adventures such as rafting, hiking, climbing, tubing, horseback riding and slot canyon scrambling. Our guides are experts at leading family trips, catering to your family's needs, and ensuring a stress-free, fun, and memorable family experience.


Soft Adventure

Tours include opportunities for easy hikes in the Grand Canyon, cable car rides in San Francisco, boat tours on Lake Powell, explorations of Antelope Canyon, a helicopter ride over Grand Canyon, and a visit to a Native American village. Our multi-day trips offer the chance to taste a wide variety of unforgettable experiences. 

Extreme Adventure

Our tours excel at high-adrenaline activities while always keeping safety in mind. Rappelling into caves and canyons, 4x4 off-roading to sights rarely seen by tourists or snowshoeing in Yellowstone searching for wolves are just a few of the options.  



We use a fleet of 15-passenger vans with luggage trailer.  Our vans are modern Ford Transit Vans.  The off-roading tours are conducted in 4x4 Ford or Chevy trucks.  Small groups may be transported in smaller vehicles.  Large groups will travel in luxury tour busses.

While on tour we may use ferries, trains or jeeps for added experiences and adventures.  

15-Passenger Vans

Our fleet of modern 15-passenger vans are used for all of our small group trips. We use an enclosed luggage trailer to transport luggage and camping equipment. We are fully licensed and insured by the Department of Transportation, with an exceptional safety record.  Check us out on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration web site - US DOT 944130.


Motor Coaches

We utilize only luxury motor coaches and professional drivers leased from reputable companies with outstanding safety records.


4X4 Vehicles

4-wheel drive vehicles allow us to uniquely access amazing locations otherwise inaccessible for standard tourists. Vehicle seating capacity is 5-6 passengers.

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