Grand Canyon Off-Roading Epic Parks Adventure


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2 nights, 3 days




Off-Road Adventure




2-8 participants


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    Day 1 - Grand Canyon’s Toroweap
    We leave Las Vegas through the Mojave Desert. The road winds through the Virgin River Gorge, soon leaving Saint George behind. A barely marked dirt road takes us to the most remarkable viewpoint of the entire Grand Canyon, Torowap. The drive along a rutted dirt road is a great adventure. In about 2 hours we reach the edge of the canyon, an unforgettable site. We have all afternoon to spend at this heavenly place to hike, photograph and just take in one of the world’s most powerful places. Tonight, we either camp at the tiny campground (pending availability), or we head to a nearby BLM site for dispersed camping.

    Day 2 - Grand Canyon’s North Rim
    Our camp is quickly packed. In Kanab there is a chance to resupply before we head out for another day in the wilds. The Grand Canyon’s aspen clad Plateau at 8300 feet awaits us. Far from the national park crowds we enjoy the solitude of the National Forest that extends for miles along the rim of the canyon. Choose between hiking and photography. We camp in the wilds within views of the canyon splendor.

    Day 3 - Vermillion Cliffs National Monument
    Vermillion Cliffs is a park without visitor centers or paved roads. It is a vast stretch of desert famous for its outstanding rock formations, such as the world famous “Wave” and “The Tepees”. Our off roading adventure takes us deep into the monument to a remarkable area called the White Pocket. Here sandstone formations have been twisted by tectonic faulting. Amazing photo opportunities are abound at sunset as we scramble though the rock wilderness to explore. Another night in utter silence and with dark skies awaits us.

    Day 4 - World’s longest slot canyon: The Buckskin
    After breaking camp we head back towards Wire Pass. Our next stop is the Buckskin Gulch, the world’s longest slot canyon. You can choose the length of the hike into this dark, sheer walled slot canyon that extends for 15 miles and eventually merges with the mighty Colorado River.

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