Death Valley National Park Hiking Adventure


From $950 for 2020


2 nights, 3 days




Guide walking tour




2-8 participants


Level 3



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Death Valley National Park is the hottest, driest and lowest National Park in the USA. This deep valley is a rift valley and lies at 282 feet below sea level. Over thousands of years huge salt deposits accumulated in the bottom of the valley, creating blindingly white salt flats. Below the Panamint Range huge fields of golden sand dunes accumulated in stark contrast with the dark granite peaks. Occasional flash floods cut deep slot canyons into the granitic ranges, spilling out onto alluvial fans. Zabriskie Point is a quintessential “Badland” landscape and Golden Canyon enchants with colorful rock walls.

Death Valley is truly a raw, primordial landscape of jagged mountains, white salt flats, golden dunes, twisted slot canyons, and red, green and ochre rock deposits.

Come with us to explore these magical lands rarely seen by tourists. Most of our time will be spent exploring this remarkable park on foot, hiking and doing photography. Learn about desert ecology as plants and animals adjust to the extreme heat and dryness.

We will customize your trip to fully enjoy and explore this jewel in our National Park system. Choose between guided hiking, wildlife watching, photography, or off-roading. Trips can be customized to fitness level and age of children.

The cooler months are the perfect time to explore this famous park.

Camping in the desert brings us back to nature, the silence, a roaring campfire, the dark night skies. Your guide will tailor your trip to your needs and desires. We provide the tents, inflatable mattress and camp kitchen. Just bring your sleeping bag. For a small extra fee we can book hotel rooms for you if you want to skip the camping.


    • Rate: $950 per person, 2 person minimum. For private tour, add $200 per person.

    • Hotel supplement option: add $200 per night, per room, up to 2 persons per room

    • 7 camp meals: add $100

    • Route: Las Vegas - Death Valley National Park - Las Vegas


Day 1 - Death Valley National Park
Death Valley lies in a rift valley below the Sierra Nevada. Here tectonic forces make the ground sink, while nearby Mt Whitney still rises in height. Death Valley is the lowest point in the USA, at 282 feet below sea level.

This park is best explored during the cooler months, when hiking is pleasant and safe. Camping in Death Valley is a joy, as the nights are extremely dark, offering amazing star gazing.

This afternoon we explore Golden Canyon, a lovely hike through the badland formations of Zabriske Point.

Day 2 - The Racetrack or Hike Mosaic Canyon
Choose between a full day off roading adventure to the famous Racetrack. We find mysterious moving rocks that defy all gravity.

Alternatively, we can guide you a on a hike up Mosaic Canyon. If you like to scramble, Sidewinder Canyon is on option as well.

Sunset at the Dunes

Day 3 - Sunrise at the Dunes
The golden colors at sunrise at the sand dunes is absolutely stunning. We scramble over the vast fields of dunes as glorious sunrise rays bathe the dunes in golden light.

Then we are off to explore the salt flats at Devil’s Gold Course. Once a lakebed, the evaporated salts are up to 2,700 feet deep! The walking is rough as we walk over halite salt crystal formations.

In the afternoon we return to Las Vegas.